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The Life of An Online Pro Capper!

Recently I have had quite a few inquiries about what to expect if someone wanted to do this full time and making a steady living from it. Personally for me, one of the most important question that you have to ask yourself is "Do you have enough income to support yourself for at least 6-12 months without including your bankroll funds"? Once you calculate this amount and save it, You will now be in a position to go through the ups and down of betting and ensure that you are in a decent position to still pay for your liabilities throughout the months. The question is are you following a system that works?

The next question I get is "What is it like living off football betting"?

In one word, stressful...Joking but not joking lol. Overall it is great being able to make more money then most people do with their day job. That being said their are many facets of betting that can be very stressful.

A few are; Not having a steady schedule(for me anyways). I wake up at 5:00am on most days and then am betting all day until I go to bed where I usually get around 6 hours of sleep.

This means that while I work out, I am betting. While I drive, I am betting. When I talk to my spouse, I am betting. All day, everyday, I am betting.

Add running an online business and giving these tips out to other people adds a whole new dynamic to the equation.

When things are running smooth and the profit is rolling in then everyone is happy, including myself. The moment a few weeks of losses start too form, you can see the energy from everyone start to drop. When I ask for payment for the memberships (which is extremely low) none wants to pay. When we win there isn't much engagement. Then I will have a number of members complaining to me about the losses and then at the odd occasions of people calling me a "scam artist" and a number of other insulting words on social media or the group chat.

When you put this much work into something and are also losing your own money when you are on losing streaks, the last thing you need is all this added stress. Some people can handle it and some people cannot.

Added to this dynamic is the back end "admin" work that needs to be put in for your profit and bets along with the membership side of the business. How do you track your customer interaction? How do you track your leads? How do you track following up with people? How do you track your membership sales? Do you post actively on social media? What do you post? Do you do at least 8 posts daily and actively target market the clients that you want? How do you track your profit and loss? How do you operate your website? On top of this you are now also answering questions and helping people with the betting and actually signing people up and figuring out the financials of the business. This is just a few questions that need to be addressed.


Recently I had the opportunity to do a road trip. This felt like the best time to do it as the international break was upon us and I knew that I wouldn't be missing too many games. This was my typical day on the road.

I would wake up in the morning at 5:00am in a beautiful beach camp site. We have a brand new 2019 SUV with more then enough room for sleeping in the back. Taking a road trip for us anyways, meant camping on a beach and being able to go wherever and whenever we wanted along the coast or have the option to spend time in other hotels if need be.

I open the laptop with 30+ notifications on Twitter, about 15 new emails from potential consumers and see that over 100 messages have been sent throughout the Telegram group in regards to our bets/new customers. I look for messages that need my attention first, usually this is people who have sent funds via Paypal. We don't run the service for profit off our membership because we make more then enough with our own bets but this pays for running the website and other costs.

I open up my 6 bookies that I use and start analyzing which games will have bets coming up. I know at any moment that a handful of bets will be coming through for me to bet on so I need to be ready. I start opening tabs and splitting my windows to ensure that I will be prepared for all the bets. I then calculate to use 2% of my bankroll for each bet with my current bankroll and start betting. At the same time I place many bets on in play/live action and look for big shifts in the market(red cards etc).

2 hours later, it is breakfast and the day is starting! Currently I am up a few units and am looking for a place to get breakfast.

We start driving down the coast and see endless beaches and beautiful water glistening from the sunshine. We make a number of stops and go walk outside on the beach to see what the crowds of people are looking at. **BEEP BEEP** my phone goes off from my partner telling me to bet on a specific match. I place the bet and win.

We continue to drive..stopping at beautiful destinations and me winning profit with every alert that goes off. 8 hours later my betting day is done. I have traveled many miles while winning a lot of profit and seeing beautiful destinations on the way. We go get dinner and I calculate the percentage of my winnings that I should use for dinner. It was a very good day so anything and everything is up to our disposal. I have just made more money(probably double or triple) then most people do on a daily basis working for some "JOB/BOSS". This is the life that I am going to live and through the ups and downs, the ups make make everything worth it.

This is the highlight for being able to support yourself on betting on football. You have to remember that this takes work. This means not missing bets. This means not quitting when you have a losing month or weeks. This means being active in the group with other members and being part of the community. THIS TAKES EFFORT.


If you want to start living your best life then we can show you how to get there. Yes, we are not perfect but we are the real deal and want you to be living a fulfilling and meaningful life. No more spending your life working for some "job" that doesn't care about you. Learn more about what attitude you need to have with our other article below "Are You A Lion Or Are You A Sheep" if you have not done so already.

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