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The Betting Bros and Why We Started!

What an exciting time for The Betting Bros to finally offer our corner betting system to the public! Welcome as you have probably found us on Google or social media....either way welcome!

Other posts will discuss our results on a monthly basis but this post is to explain to you, why we started and how we make profit from our tips.

The Betting Bros (I am one of them!) always earned profit from some sort of online betting. Prior to Black Friday, online poker was so easy to live off. If you did some basic reading on HUD's and/or simple ICM, pre flop ranges, sound bankroll management then you would earn a steady income. Fast forward 10 years later and 70% of people know what these terms are and poker has became harder to turn a profit. We don't like hard. What we do like easy ways to make money by putting in "hard" work needed to make a very profitable income!

The Betting Bros decided to push on and move on with the times after Poker. Betting and the online industry is always changing and if you don't adapt then you will die...we don't like dying lol. The Soccer/Football betting industry takes work but if you can have proper bankroll management and have a true specialized understanding for one betting market then you can make a good profit. In theory, many bad tipsters and "bettors" allow us to make money because they keep this industry alive, so thank you bad bettors...

Back to the topic at hand! In looking to make profit with online betting, whether it be with sports or not then you need to look for edges. Edges can be found in a number of ways and this what we have done with betting on football/Soccer and in particular corners.

We understood that if we wanted to find way to make a profitable income, that the betting market would need to have odds that changed in play so that the bookies could not give us poor value before a match. We also wanted to be able to watch game trends and see how a team was playing vs another team during a match instead of just using pre match stats. We tried First Half Goals and other markets but there wasn't enough value. Every time we thought that we had a good market to bet on, the bookie would give such bad odds pre match that it wouldn't be +EV in the long run(look up this term if you don't know what it means), we were annoyed and frustrated but we knew that something existed and we would not stop until we found it. We then ran into corners and decided, this was it....this was the one we were looking for....finally.

We originally started to use all the pre match stats that we could fine. We paid for every stat subscription website on the market and then cross referenced different patterns for why corners happened but nothing seemed concrete. We would think that one set of stats would indicate when something else would happen but then that would fail. One day, after a year worth of stats being analyzed, we said " why don't we look at other type of stats that we create that are not the normal stats that everyone else looks at?" Let's be different! Bingo, we hit the jackpot and we didn't even know yet.

We originally had 20 but then reduced it down to 15 different categories of stats that cannot be found on normal Football/Soccer betting websites. We then used these categories and tracked when they were met for over 100,000 matches. We knew that after 24 months of following these categories and testing our new method along with being restricted on a number of websites that we could offer this to the public and help out other people who are looking for a profitable system to follow. We earn enough from our bets so the question was "How much do we want to charge"?

Well £1,000 could be reasonable as most people would earn that back very quick using our system...but then again not many people will spend £1,000 on a betting system right away...So we made it more affordable. We even give out FREE trials to show people how good we really are.

We did it....we finally have a way to beat those bookies who steal everyone's money and give hope to people that don't know what they are doing. We are here and we have a way to make you a lot of profit.

Thank your for taking the time to read "The Betting Bros and Why We Got Started" and we are looking forward to adding you to our community! Please join the below link to get started today and earn a discounted promotion price by reaching out to John or JWILL.

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