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Should You Bet On In Play or Pre Match Bets

What is more profitable, “Pre Match Betting”, or “In Play Betting”? This is a question we get asked a lot! Now before we answer this question, for those of you that are not familiar with what the difference is, here they are:

Pre Match = Bets placed before the match starts

In Play = Bets Placed during the 90’ match

With that out of the way, let’s get into it. In a nutshell, the most profitable bettors that I know (including ourselves), make their money from in play bets. I mean why do you think our corner betting system is based on in play! There is just no way around it. There are factors “In Game” that a pre match bet cannot anticipate. For example, let’s say the home team is 2nd in the league vs one of the bottom of the table teams. Pre match Betting/odds look like an easy home win. Therefore, you bet the home team to win at odds of 1.70. However, when a red card happens 10’ into the match for a freak tackle by the home side, what do you think now? This type of scenario is actually quite common and this is the reason these “pre match” bets are inferior to “in play” bets. Instead of betting on the home team pre match to win, we would prefer to watch the first 10’ minutes, evaluate the flow, cross compare historical data/league data with the game situation, and then put an educated tip together. If a red card happened, we will see how this team did the last time they received a red. Did they crumble and lose the match? Or did they lock it down for a draw? A double chance bet will now be high odds for the home team to win or draw! Or we might decide to wait until half to evaluate. The only real way to get any edge back from the bookies is to evaluate in play. When it comes to Pre match odds, you are already losing! The bookies no more than you, and this is reflected in the market.

With that said, not everyone has time to bet at all hours of the day for in play. Most people work a 9-5pm job and really, pre match betting is all they have time for. In this case, I would recommend that these people follow a pre match system that comes from a tipster that utilizes all the information possible. A good tipster should tell you all this information, as reiterated above. Also, you need to follow a tipster that has a proper “Profit/Loss (P and L)” sheet to reflect their wins/losses along with proper bankroll management information. The amount of tipsters on Twitter that don’t track their progress is incredible. Don’t throw your money away on these free tipsters, they have no idea what they are doing.

Another important aspect of “pre match” betting is that if you are to follow a tipster or make a pre match bet, make sure that the stats make sense and reflect the bet that you are putting together. Yes, this will be reflected in the odds but that is why “Bet Builders” have become so popular. In a bet builder, you can get to odds of 1.80+ by adding 6 difference picks that are all 100% significant.

At the end of the day, we support ourselves financially from online betting. Yes, we run a VIP Membership group for “The Betting Bros” (@SoccerFanMan1, @Bro_Betting), but this only accounts for maybe 5% of our finances. All our money is earned through our own bets, which is exactly the same as what we give to our members. I say this because we have been doing this for years! At the end of the day it really won’t matter what type of betting approach you take if you don’t have a staking plan, and are not overall having fun doing so. Enjoy the process.

In closing, we don’t mind answering any questions that you all might have. It’s very difficult earning 6 figures a year like us off of betting. However, we truly believe anyone can do it if you follow a proven betting system and follow where the value is from bookies. It felt like yesterday when I was doing £5 bets, but with hard work you can get to where we are too. Check us out at and also at our telegram free group here:

keep smashing those bookies!


The Betting Bros

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