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Pre Match Corner Results For November!!!

As you are all aware we offer a few different styles of corner betting. We have the amazing "First Half" in play corners which is featured in our last post here which involves us giving you a tip during the first half and then you proceeding to place the bet.

99% of people are fine with this style of bet but a few members suggested that being able to know the time for a match would help to ensure that they could place a bet and never miss any games.

We heard you all LOUD AND CLEAR and we adapted! We expected great results and GUESS WHAT, WE SMASHED NOVEMBER for our pre match corner tips!!!

The pre match corners work like this: We send out a list of matches 24 hours before. We make things extremely easy for you in which we will also send you an alert via Telegram which will then tell you to place your bet (if your not already waiting).

You proceed to place your bet and then win! We use a specific bankroll strategy to ensure that you aren't over betting and also send out daily results for everyone too see. Below you can see our results for the month of November!! We earned over +57 units profit and had a total of 18 profitable days! We also had a great strike rate of 50%.

We are always looking to expand and help out the people who want to make money from football betting. It takes work and discipline but if you are up for the challenge then we can help make you a lot of profit. Treat yourself for the holidays and make a commitment to change the way you place your football bets!! Join below to get started on a FREE trial!!!

Total Tips: 744

Profit: +57.77 Units

Strike Rate: 50%

Avg Odds: 1.90

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