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Over +100 Units Profit in December!!!!Amazing!

Amazing! That is the word that best describes how December treated us. Not only did we spend time with our loved ones and receive gifts from many but we made some serious profit as well!

Our betting system definitely takes work but if your willing to buckle down, use proper bankroll management and listen to the traders then you will make a lot of profit!

I want to share a story from one of our members who spent the last 3 months buckling down and really committing himself. Nothing makes our team happier then seeing our members winning profit and that is exactly what happened with, let's call him "Tom".

Tom has spent the past years really enjoying football and has always tried different methods of betting but ultimately never found something that worked. Tom, while stumbling on twitter found a page called "The Betting Bros". The Betting Bros posted a lot and were obviously still present. They had reviews from other past clients and a website. Tom went to the website and decided to look at past results. All the past results were very good...The question was, let me guess, Tom said to himself "it's going to cost an arm and a leg to get access".

Tom, while in the Telegram group messaged John and had asked if a trial was worth doing or signing up right away? Tom realized that signing up right away would be a good option as he would get 50% off and be committed to work hard and be able to start right away along with not paying full price after the trial. Tom understood a little bit about bankroll management so he thought. Tom also understood from past blog posts that this would take work as the Betting Bros are transparent routinely. Tom learned from John the below and made a game plan in order to set himself up for success.

-Tom needed to spend time routinely betting on this system, so he put time aside.

-Tom knew that he would have a small bankroll but overtime it would grow.

-Tom only used 1% of his bankroll on each bet and listened to the Betting Bros advice.

-Tom understood that there would be losing days but that comes with the territory and you have to keep going, everyday.

Fast forward to present day and "Tom" is one of our most succesfull members. He is now using £100 bets and is taking in over £10,000 per month using our system. Tom has quit his job working at a labour position and wakes up at 6:00am everyday in order to bet on the tips. He has more time with his kids and has the ability to buy his wife anything she wants. he also sent me a picture of himself on vacation while betting last week!

This can be you but you need to be ready to commit. Join the Telegram group and message John or Jwill to get started!


Total Tips:570

Profit Total:+104 units

Profit Using £20 Bets: £2,080

Strike Rate: 68%

Avg Odds: 2.00 odds

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