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The below was written from our member! We asked him to give us a detailed overview from the first 7 days of our system!

Matt----"Too be honest, I think I had a really good start and then towards the last day of the week or so it slowed down. I know I am just 7 days in but I do have high hopes for the profit total at the end of this 30 days.

Personally I had said to myself that any profit earned after 30 days would make me happy....easy to say before I started putting in the work!

My schedule for betting is a few hours before work and then betting on as many bets as possible on my phone during the day. If I had to guess, I would say I would be getting on 70-80% of all the bets that are given. I miss tips when I am sleeping because there are matches being played in South America that completely conflict with my time zone and then of course the ones I miss or am not paying attention too get overlooked. That being said I believe that getting on as many as you can(even if it was half or lower) would be okay and profitable because (I was told) that the tips are chosen with strict parameters so regardless of the total you get on, eventually it will even out even out.

I also believe that the mental discipline that I need to be using too hit a good amount of profit in 30 days is a big part of this. Most people when betting, definetly me, will bet on tips before the matches are played and then hope to hit a good amount of profit and recycle that process and then be done with it after a few weeks if I lose. But then I was realizing that my goals for betting were not aligning with the effort I was putting in. Overall I was wanting a secondary income but didnt want to put in the effort or didnt realize that I wasn't anyways. Now I am putting in that effort and so far it seems like things are going well. I was told to treat this like a side investment and track everything. Use proper bankroll advice and put the work in. I find most people use there phone on other random things during the day so why not use it for betting. Especially if your getting a return better then most investments..just my two cents.

This week went well and I will be honest, it had taken me some time to get used to the days with more volume like on the weekend. I found it very helpeful to spend more time in the busy period in front of my laptop. That way I was able to open up multiple tabs and bet all at the same time. I could see how the weekends would be the most profitable as so many tips happens, very exciting. So far so good guys and I hope my review is helping others who are considering joining a betting service!"


Starting Bankroll on Day 1 : £500

Bet size is £5 on the second bet(split line)

Week 1(Day 7) profit Total: £70.50

Feb 18th : Profit of £25-----Bankroll of £525

Feb 19th: Profit of £22.50-----Bankroll of £547.50

Feb 20th: Profit of £18-----Bankroll of £565.50

Feb 21st: Profit of £25-----Bankroll of £590.50

Feb 22nd:Loss of £10-----Bankroll of £580.50

Feb 23rd:Profit of £5-----Bankroll of £585.50

Feb 24th:Loss of £15 pounds-----Bankroll of £570.50

For any quieries please join the group below and DM John or Jwill!

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