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Free Tips/Tipsters Are Not Worth It! - Here's Why

For a long time now, we have encountered plenty of "FREE" tipsters, mainly through Twitter. Now don't get me wrong, it's great to have a bit of fun. But when I see "FREE" Tipster accounts with thousands of followers it really blows my mind. There are generally 2 types of FREE Tipsters out there. The "Power Happy" Free Tipster that starts to block people when they get any form of criticism. Then the "Up and Down Insecure" free tipster that when they are winning they make comments like ,"Where else can you get free tips like this!". Then absolutely crumble and start being defensive when they start losing. You all know who you are! None the less, there is 2 consistent issue with these tipsters that I will address in detail below: #1.) THERE IS NO ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THEM SELF, OR FOR YOU, THE ONE FOLLOWING THEIR TIPS. #2.) THE PSYCHOLOGICAL COMPONENT OF FOLLOWING FREE TIPS. IF IT IS FREE YOU WILL PUT NO VALUE ON IT AND QUIT WHEN IT GETS TOUGH.

Addressing #1: "No Accountability"

Generally, when I see a free tipsters account I ask myself: "Where is the P/L (Profit and Loss) document?" "What are the last 3 months of results?" "What is the strike rate?" "Does this person bet on their own tips?" "Does this person live off of their own tips or is it a hobby?"

As you can imagine, these answers are rarely addressed by the so called Tipster. Yet, the thousands flock to these tipsters accounts. With that said, as mentioned above, the biggest issue with these Free Tipster accounts is that there is no accountability. As a free tipster, you can post as many tips as you want, with little down fall if you lose. Again the statements I always see is, "Well my tips are free so don't complain". When they win it's ,"where can you get better free tips than these!" The whole idea is hilarious to us!

If you, the soccer/football bettor, continue to add flame to the fire of these free tipsters, they will be around forever. You need to start making these people accountable, get them to show their monthly results!

Addressing #2: "Psychology of Betting" With a Bachelors Degree Majoring in Psych, understanding peoples motives, has also been a passion of mine. It is clear from the literature that stating something is "FREE" diminishes the value by 70%. Not only that, but the likely hood that someone will either throw away, stop using, or give away the FREE product is 90% more likely than if they spent money on it. For this reason alone, we have never been huge proponents of giving away free tips. We would rather educate, give a small taste of our system, and then give great customer service to our members, which in turn will increase retention in the long run.

Furthermore, the betting world is vastly misunderstood. Most casual bettors hope for a quick buck in a short period of time. As mentioned in the previous article, even the most successful hedge fund owner Ray Dalio has at least 3-4 down months a year. Yet he is a billionaire, so we are not naive to know that there will be times when we are not smashing the betting market. (**Side note: See that? That is called confidence, we are secure enough to say we are not always winning, none of this ego crap. We are successful in the LONG RUN). As I was saying, for this reason, we know that if we charge as little as $1.29 a day (less than a cup of coffee..) for our services, and not give it away free, the likelihood of you not giving up increases exponentially. Down times will come, and if you are following a free tipster you will just say ,"screw this!", and leave. But if you are following a paid system like ours, yes it will hurt a little if we are having a down swing, but you will stick around because you have an invested interest in the system. Then once the storm passes and you are in the clear, your psychological fortitude will have increased, and you will be back on the up swing!

In conclusion, regarding the "FREE Tipster", with "0" accountability to post results, and "YOU" the bettor, with the no investment in the tipsters system, you will always end up losing. There is absolutely no upside to following a free tipsters account, it is a lose-lose in the end. Do not get fooled by these FAKERS! For more information, or if you want to contact us directly, you can reach us on: "Twitter" --> Feel free to drop us a DM! @JWillBettingBro @Bro_Betting

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