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Matt has sent the below email to us after a very busy Saturday of tips. Below is Matt's review of his journey so far. Matt has also given permission for us o leave his telegram handle on hear if anyone wanted to reach out and ask him any questions. @mathew222 on Telegram.

-John B

Matt-"Wow what a ride it has been so far! I am now just over the half way mark with 12 days remaining and if things stopped right now then I would be confident in saying that I would do this all again!

Below are my daily results since my last update. I am continuing to do a number of hours before work and then get on as many tips as possible while working. I would suggest that I am getting on between 70%-80% of the tips.

I have heard from some members that they don't think they have time to put the effort in. But then those same members are the ones that want to win a lot of profit. Big disconnect. I actually now find it quite amusing that some people want to win profit but don't put the work in. Now I know what you guys mean when you say it takes work! I am realizing that the effort I am putting in is much more then most people so I truly do feel like I deserve to win profit. I have been having a lot of fun and so far I am up almost £200 profit. I know that not all days are going to be winners but I enjoy seeing the people in the "Betting Bros" group showing winning bet slips as it keeps me motivated! Keep it up!

Feb 26: Profit of £20.50—Bankroll of £590.50

Feb 27: Profit of £15—Bankroll of £605.50

Feb 28:Profit of £25—Bankroll of £630.50

Feb 29:Profit of £10.75—Bankroll of £641.25

March 1: Profit of £5.25—Bankroll of £646.50

March 2: No tips

March 3: Lost £10.50—Bankroll of £636

March 4: Profit of £5.00—Bankroll of £641

March 5: Lost £15—Bankroll of £626

March 6: Profit of £5.50—Bankroll of £632

March 7- Profit of £35—Bankroll of £667

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