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August Results! You Won't Believe The Profit Earned!

Hi all!

August has come and go and once again we are amazed with the profit earned.

Everyday we have new inquiries from people in regards to learning more about joining our amazing community. One of the first question we get asked is "How much did you earn last month"? I love this question but it's also a question that worries me. thoughts go through my head; Is this person just looking for the end result with a big payout? Are they willing to put in the work? Are they going to listen to our advice? We hope so because the members who do listen to us and put in the work are the ones who get rewarded.

At the Betting Bros, we do this full time and work around the clock to bet on every game. When you put in the hours like we do, the below profit comes with the territory. We don't look at profit on a per day basis but more so an a monthly basis. We look at our profit this was because it's so easy to get caught up in a moment of anger when you are on a losing streak and then go on "tilt". We are always composed and push to create this attitude onto our members.

If you are willing to wake up early, stay up a little later then normal, put in the work and take our advice on bankroll management then you can be on your path to earning the below profit! Join the below Telegram link and get started today!

Total Units Earned: +324.91

Total Units On The Asian Line: +137.92

Total Units From The Split Line: +186.99

Total Profit Using £100 Bets: £ 31,292

1 unit is equal to 1 bet size. For you, this bet could be £10 or £100, it doesn't matter. Multiply the total units profit that we earned in August by your bet size. That total is how much profit that you would have earned with us in August.

If you think that you have what it takes to make the profit that our members do then join us now! Below is a Telegram group that you can join for FREE. Once you join the group, wait for John or Jwill to message you. From there, you will be on the right path to making good profit every month! Alternatively, you can message of us at the below Twitter pages!



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