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Are You A Lion Or Sheep With Football Betting?!

It's Saturday morning and you turn on the tele. The thrill of Martin Tyler commentating a premier league match is familiar and you look to make breakfast at the same time. It's the weekend and you are ready to absolutely thrash the away side while make some money with online football betting. Get in son!

The thrill of watching football while also making money with betting is something that all football/Soccer lovers know. You have been betting for years and you are just waiting to replicate that "one time" you hit a massive score! You think to yourself, "The wife's anniversary is coming up", it would be a great surprise to buy her something nice as she always complains that I am wasting my money with online betting. Alternatively you think, "The daughter needs something or wants something and it would be amazing to have extra side money for her".

At this point you have two options:

Option 1- You go back and sit down on the couch. You start to go through your Twitter feed and look for some FREE tipsters who are suggesting what games to bet on. "I found one, he is so many likes, he must be good", you think.

The Tweet says - Over 0.5 FHG on Liverpool when odds reach 1.8. "This guy hit 100% success rate yesterday, wow, he really is good", you think to yourself. You follow the bet and wow you won! I am going to follow this guy for sure!

During the week you go to work and keep seeing bet slips of wins, "I didn't have time to bet on that", you think to yourself. "Next weekend I am going to get up early and follow all his bets" you say to yourself. The weekend rolls around and after 8 hours of following tips from this guy, you are up 1 unit. You think to yourself " 8 hours, on a weekend for only earning 1 unit...". I mean this guy must be good though because of all his likes..right.......TO BE CONTINUED.

Option 2-You go back and sit down on the couch. You start to go through your Twitter feed and look for some FREE tipsters who are suggesting what games to bet on. "I found one, he is so many likes, he must be good", you think. Let me look into this tipster more. You start looking to answer some questions before you look to spend your money on a tipster who you don't know much about.

What kind of tips does this tipster bet on?

What strike rate does this tipster have?

What profit/loss documentation do they have?

What bankroll management and bet sizes do they have?

If I message them will they respond or is this just a for fun side hobby?

5 minutes later you realize that all you can see is this guys winning bet slips..."Where is his profit/loss for this month at least" scratch your head and think, maybe he is FREE for a reason. Let's keep looking...

Goal!!!! Your home side is up! You keep scrolling and find..."The Betting Bros", who are these guys? American....meh let's take a look. Seems they bet on corners, let's answer some of those questions again.

What kind of tips does this tipster bet on? Let's dig a little deeper into these guys -They bet on Corners in the FH and also offer Pre Match corner tips. Interesting.

I see a website, let's take a look. You click on the Tab "Results".

"Bingo, wow, a lot of results! I also see a Telegram group, let's join" you think to yourself.

You see a complete spreadsheets with results and see the offer of a free trial. You continue on to the Telegram page.

"Holy shit" you say to yourself. You see 10 bet slips with all winner in the group page! You see "Boom, Boom, Boom" over and over again! You think to yourself " I am looking for something free so hopefully this is"....TO BE CONTINUED.

Back to Option 1-You sit there thinking, wow I wasted my weekend for 1 unit. It would be nice to find someone who actually does this for a living and doesn't just win here and there. "Maybe I should invest in stocks or bonds ", you think to yourself. A week goes by and you get that itch again to bet on football! You read a tweet from a random tipster, it has money emoji's everywhere and bags of cash! It's his winning bet slips for a huge ACCA that cashed in! You think, "Okay this is the guy who is going to make me win a lot of profit"! "Today is the day I am going to win that huge ACCA and finally win back all those losses!....TO BE CONTINUED

Back to Option 2- You enter The Betting Bros telegram group and see winning bet slips, people all talking and communicating and laughing while you think to yourself, "Okay, I just want to get some tips!". You get a message from an absolute legend named John (Sorry had too) and he welcomes you. You say "Hey, I saw you on Twitter and am looking for some tips".

John-Awesome mate, well we offer a trial for 5 tips or a 50% off promotion.

You-You say, wait, what, I have to pay?

John-No you can do the free trial, but you will win back your membership in most likely a day or two. This is why to most members, signing up for 50% is a no brainer.

You- Lol, John, there is so many FREE tipsters out there. Why would I pay for yours?

John-The decision is yours to make...We are almost full already. Look in the FREE group you just joined for all the members talking and then see how much they won. Hell, ask one of them for some information.

You-You think to yourself, "Nice sales pitch". I want to do the trial and then we can go from there, okay..

John-Okay sounds good. Here is the link to the VIP group. Please read the pinned post and let me know if you have any questions.

You-Joined the group and now waiting for the tips....TO BE CONTINUED

Back to Option 1-You are absolutely jacked up and ready to win an acca! You had 3 correct tips so far, MAN THIS FREE TIPSTER IS A GENIUS! All you need is one more match to come through and BINGO, PAYDAY! You tell your wife. She looks at you as if to say "Okay buddy, I will believe it when I see it".

30 minutes later, your hands are on your face....the bet didn't come through. You look at this tipster again on Twitter and think to yourself...I could have just done this myself...You just lost more money. To make things even worst, your wife says in the most perkiest of voices, "Did you win", You say "no I did not...". She looks at you with a face to say "as per usual".

Back to Option 2-The trial begins fast and heavy. Ding, Ding, Ding! Messages come flying into the group showing winning bet slips from left and right. The words like "Double boom" come racing across your screen from the Brothers, John and Jwill. You think to yourself, how much time do these guys put in? Then again, you start to think of what it would be like to have an extra £2,000 in your pocket in 30 days.Your not worried of a little bit of work! You then place your bets and 5 tips later you are up 1 unit! You think to yourself, well it's only 1 unit but I wonder if I did this for 2 hours per day or less/more. How much could I make in 30 days? You ask John "Do you have a profit/Loss sheet from last month"(even though you know it's on there website). John sends you it and it shows over 200 units. HOLY HELL, you think to yourself. Is this legit? You see on the "FREE group" all these members saying how much they win and then all the bet slips John has posted, day after day. You ask John, "How much is the membership" even though you never really considered paying for tips...

John explains that, if you consider how much that you wasted on betting month after month and then the amount of time it will take to get back your membership fee, the membership is well worth it. You start to think.....

"Honestly, I just want to win a profit from football. I am so sick of these online fake tipsters". I mean the membership is the price for a cup of coffee daily, or less then some petrol, it's not much in comparison. You continue to think.....TO BE CONTINUED.

Back to Option 1-You sit there annoyed. You think "All these people say they win money on Twitter. Why can I only seem to be losing". My emotions and bankroll seems to go up and then go back down and then go up and then go back down. Ultimately you seem to just end up losing your money to the bookies.You just remembered that you promised your wife to stop betting if you lost... you are annoyed and realize that maybe paying for a tipster is worth it next time. You decide that next time you start betting that you will do some research into an actual proven method of betting and then pay for help.

Back to Option 2- You contemplate the membership price. You make a decision" Okay whatever, I will do this for a month and put the work in". You are not scared to put in the work anyways. You know that in the betting industry, the only people that get rewarded are the ones who put in the work that everyone else complains about doing, so screw it, you join.

The next day you wake up too the sound of dinging on your phone showing winners and look to find that everyone is exclaiming that they are up 8 units in one day...You think "wow, did the brothers even sleep? You went to sleep with them up on the Telegram group and now they are still up...You say to yourself, Okay well looks like I am going to wake up a little earlier or stay up a little later because I am going to make this profit and then reward myself or my family! If the Bros and everyone else in this group can do it then I definitely can!

The next day you spend some time betting and following the Betting Bros bankroll recommendations. You are about break even but know that if you stick with it then good things will come. Day 2 comes and you are up +4 units before nightfall. You realize okay, I think I am getting the hang of this. The weekend is coming up and I want to put some real effort into this.

The weekend comes and you are back in that same spot where you were 7 days prior. You turn on the tele and think to yourself "What a beautiful day to watch some football and what a beautiful day to win some profit". You heard a lot of tips can come in on the weekends so you get your laptop and some paper to keep track of everything. You were just going to bet for a few hours during the live Footy but decided to keep betting during the day. It is evening now and you just sit there looking at your wife. She says "How much did you lose this time?" You smile and think, "should I even tell her".

You just won over 30 units in one day...You were using £40 bets and just made £1,200! You are thrilled and are outright amazed that you are up this much profit.... You think to yourself, wow I literally made the membership fee back in no time. I put the work in and got rewarded and now I can't wait to bring my wife out for dinner. Your mind races, "I can go on vacation earlier now. I can buy my wife those earrings that she wanted!"

GUESS WHAT, This is a true story! On September 29th the Betting Bros earned over 37 units in one day...Look at the link below on Twitter and the reviews from the members on that day in the Telegram group! Keep note of the Date on the chat so you can verify it is in fact that day!


The ball is in your court. I would guess that most, if not all of you have had a similar story to the person in Option 1. It is time to realize that putting in the work and following a professional team of tipsters is the right way to do things in this industry. When you go to someone for help with your finances, you ask the expert such as an accountant. When you want to lose weight, you ask a personal trainer for help. When you buy a house, you ask a realtor for guidance. Betting is no different. If you ask for help from the experts then you will be rewarded! At The Betting Bros we want to ask you a final questions "Are you a Lion or a Sheep"?

Stop acting like a sheep and losing your money with no control on whether you win or lose. Join our team and become the lion..always hunting for the next win. Never worry about the past losses. Always hungry for more.

Join the group below and message John or Join now at the "Join now" tab at the top of the page!

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