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$1 Million in 1 Year - Professional Capper Advice, You Can Do it too!

Yes! You read that correct, I made over $1 Million in 1 year betting on football/soccer. Was it easy? No Did I earn this much in my first year? No Did I give up when it got hard? No Was it all worth it in the end? YES

Now you might be thinking, "Oh another BLOG about how much some random capper earned...". Well, you are kind of right. But I am not here to boast about our Betting System at the Betting Bros. If you don't live under a rock, you already know who we are. Now with that said, here is when I will be really blunt with you. I am an advocate of learning from professionals. Why waste years of your time when you can gain the incite from someone that has already done it. That person that HAS done it is me and my brother. Listen when I say, the system we created at the Betting Bros took years, and we are saving you a ton of time creating your own, or following the other brutal twitter betting systems. So I won't just say this as a way to promote our betting system - trust me I don't need to, but I want to bring the bookies down for personal reasons. Join our betting system now and follow our guidance. DM us on Twitter @JWillBettingBro or @bro_betting. Better yet, to see if you have what it takes go to our free trial Telegram group here

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With that said, here is how you earn $1 Million in 1 Year. #1.) Become part of the Betting Bros Family #2.) Use the bankroll management system we advise - 1% bet on each line #3.) Commit to a daily betting routine (can be 4 days off, 3 days on if you work a full time job) #4.) Cash out 10% every Sunday for that mental win every week! #5.) Lastly, Don't get discouraged when their are down swings. Even the greatest hedge fund investors like Ray Dalio has down swings 40% of the year. Yet they have found a way to beat the Stock Market 19 out of the last 20 years.

Sounds easy right? Follow those 6 steps and you will get there! Sorry to say, it is not this easy. The amount of "NEW" members that join the first month with $100 and bet $20 on each tip, then lose it all is absurd. You need to listen to our guidance! As a new member, we need you to first get used to betting on the amount of games we recommend. Better yet, follow the 4 days off - 3 days on method. more than 60-70% of our tips are from Friday to Sunday so if you commit with 100% on those days, you will still succeed.

So how did I earn $1 Million in 1 Year? This is how. After 4 years of following the Betting Bros System and saving a bankroll of around $20K, I finally said, okay to earn $1 Million I need to earn on average $83K per month approximately. My questions were, would I get banned from these bookie sites? Would they allow me to cash out every Sunday? Would I lose it all on a down swing? As I found out, the bookies issue wasn't that bad. If you are betting on over 150-450 tips a month like me, with some down swings, nothing will be detected. My normal bet sizes were between $500-$1000 at odds of around 1.80 as explained in our system. After having an absolute heater of a first month, I was up over 150+ units and earned $120K. This is when I started to do close to $2,000 bets. Yes I had a few down swings of -25 units over a 2 week period, but we always got it back. We even had a down month in there, but always pulled it around. With Sunday Cash outs, the cash outs were never massive, and never drew too much attention. I was well over half way there after the 6 month mark, and then started only betting Friday,Saturday, Sunday with $5,000 bets. Boom 1 year later or $1 Million earned.

There you have it, it's a simple plan, based on bankroll management, and a betting schedule. But just because it is simple, does not mean it is not difficult. The best plans are always simple to understand, it's the implementation which makes it difficult. Take loosing weight for example - Work out 1x a day, eat right with proper macro-nutrient recommendations, and you will lose weight. Very simple, but very difficult for the average person to complete.

To conclude, we will say again what we have said in the past. Ask yourself, "Are you a Lion or a Sheep"? Are you ready to take control of your betting and life? Or will you just keep losing and telling yourself "Oh these Betting Bros are full of crap.." Be a Lion or a Sheep - act now, join our system or be a sheep like the many that exist today. To be part of the 1%, you have to be doing what 1% of the people are doing. It's hard, takes dedication, but we believe in you. Our contact information is below again for your reference. Remember guys, let's smash the bookies together! Join our Free Trial Group here to get started and try the system out for yourself. Twitter: @JWillBettingBro or @bro_betting

Telegram: @JWill_BettingBros or John Banstra in the Telegram Public Group Free Public Group --->

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