How Much Profit Will I Earn?

This is the golden questions that every bettor wants to know...."How much will I win!?"

Easy answer is.....between 100-300 units in 30 days.


Keep in mind 1 unit = 1 bet. My bet might be $100 or $5,000 but explaining profits in "units" means that the profit can be understood by all and doesn't matter how much you are betting.

In looking at our betting system, we break down the profit into 2 categories. The first category is the "Asian Line". On average our profit on the Asian Line is 100 units in 30 days. 

Our second category is the "Split Line". The split line has historically offered a higher return at around 150-200 units per month but changes month to month.


If you were to bet on the Asian Line and the Split Line like we recommend, then you would profit between 100-300 units.


Let's do an example and use someone who places $20 bets just on the Asian Line. In 30 days the Asian line was up 100 units. This means, using $20 bets, you would have earned $20 X 100 units = $2,000 in profit! This is something that no betting system can offer!

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