It's not good enough to just use pre/post match stats to find edges in order to beat the bookies! 

It is common for tipsters or up and coming bettors to research stats with popular sites. Some of the stats that They will look for are past match stats, H2H stats, total corners, total cards, placing for each team in the table, injuries, shots on target, home and away from and list goes on. 

The above method in researching teams prior to placing a bet is by no means a bad approach in looking to make a bet. With that being said their is a reason that less then 1% of people who place bets online actually make a profit. One reason that we believe make us much different, comes from the ideology that everyone is looking in the same direction and everyone is looking at the same websites for pre match stats. We don't do that and this how!

At The Betting Bro's we have created and identified specific categories of stats that are not the typical "stats" that you would find on common pre match statistical websites. We have done this by analyzing over 100,000 previous matches and have decided that there are specific categories of stats that are very important and more important then the traditional categories of stats that most cappers would use.


Once a specific match has met our very high standard for hitting our unique corners criteria, we then send out a notification in the Telegram group and give it to you!